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Ultrasound Guided Regenerative Medicine in MSK Applications 2020

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    Ultrasound Guided Regenerative Medicine in MSK Applications 2020

    Ultrasound Guided Regenerative Medicine in MSK Applications online course is designed to provide an overview of the general principles and practical applications for performing ultrasound-guided prolotherapy, PRP, bone marrow and lipoaspirate musculoskeletal treatments. Procedural set-up/ kits, examination protocols, patient follow-up, case studies, and actual live patient procedures are also included.


    • Increase knowledge and competence pertaining to the general principals and practical applications of regenerative medicine procedures for MSK applications
    • Outline new ultrasound guided procedures for ligaments and tendon injuries
    • State the preparation, harvest, and procedural protocols for prolotherapy, PRP, bone marrow, and Lipoaspirate treatments
    • List the primary conditions that benefit most from MSK regenerative medicine techniques
    • Outline ultrasound-guided injection techniques for spine interventions
    • List the diagnostic considerations for performing ultrasound-guided intervention for the spine
    • State the role of ultrasound guided regenerative medicine interventions for musculoskeletal disorders.


    Physicians, mid-level providers, sonographers, and other medical professionals involved with performing MSK ultrasound for diagnostic and treatment purposes.


    • Advanced MSK Ultrasound-Guided Procedures in Rehabilitative Medicine
    • Prolotherapy: General Principles/Practical Applications
    • PRP: General Principles/Practical Applications
    • Bone Marrow & Lipoaspiate: General Principles/Practical Applications
    • Introduction to Spine Ultrasound: S/I Joints and Facets
    • Ultrasound Guided Interventions: Carpal Tunnel Release, Hydrodissections & More
    • Advanced & Regenerative Medicine Case Studies
    • Regenerative Medicine Interventions: Knee OA, Rotator Cuff Tears, Epicondylitis, Jumper’s Knee and Achilles Tendon Injuries
    • Regenerative Medicine Procedural Demonstrations-PRP Applications: Ankle, Shoulder and Knee
    • Regenerative Medicine Procedural Demonstrations-Bone Marrow and Lipoaspirate: SI Joint, Knee, Thumb, Percutaneous Tenotomy

    Date of Original Release: 7/10/2020

    This edition valid for credit through: 7/10/2023

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