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Thrombosis Action Conference (TAC) 2021

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    Thrombosis Action Conference (TAC) 2021


    *Thrombosis Action Conference (TAC) is a medical education initiative that aims to improve the understanding and management of thromboembolic disorders and evidence-based strategies in the primary prevention and management of thromboembolic disorder.

    Day 1:

    -What is new in the 2020 ESC guidelines on Atrial Fibrillation
    -Patients with AF and Diabetes: Is it possible to avoid irreversible complications?
    -Why Kidneys Matter Whilst Preventing Stroke
    -Optimizing Protection for AF Patients Undergoing PCI
    -Is Oral Anticoagulation Safe and Effective For Use in the Elderly
    -AF Patient Case Discussion

    Day 2
    -Panel Session: Debunking the Myth in AF
    -Treatment Challenge in VTE: Exploring Solutions with Rivaroxaban Across Two Clinical Scenarios:
    a. What does protection mean for patients with VTE?
    b. New Insights for addressing challenges in the management of patient with CAT
    -Revolutionising T hrombosis Management with Rivaroxaban in Patients with CAD and PAD