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The Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy: Textbook of Techniques 2nd Edition

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by Wayne Hing PhD MSc(Hons) ADP(OMT) DipMT Dip Phys FNZCP (Author), Toby Hall PT PHD MSc FACP (Author), Brian Mulligan FNZSP (Hon.) Dip MT (Author)


    The Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy: Textbook of Techniques 2nd Edition

    by Wayne Hing PhD MSc(Hons) ADP(OMT) DipMT Dip Phys FNZCP (Author), Toby Hall PT PHD MSc FACP (Author), Brian Mulligan FNZSP (Hon.) Dip MT (Author)

    Endorsed by the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association (MCTA)

    The MCTA is the accredited body of Mulligan Concept teachers.

    A comprehensive and easy-to-follow resource for the manual therapist seeking to improve patients’ movement using pain-free hands-on techniques.

    The Mulligan Concept of manual therapy was developed by Brian Mulligan in 1983 and is now used by health practitioners globally to assist individuals in improving movement restrictions, pain with movement and functional restrictions.

    Designed as a companion to Mulligan Concept training courses, the text is divided by body regions, with techniques highlighting key information to assist with clinical reasoning and assessment, patient and practitioner positioning, guidelines for application and further adjustments.

    • Covers 250 Mulligan techniques including 13 new techniques
    • Addresses Mobilisation With Movement and pain release phenomenon
    • Presents techniques in two formats: easy-to-follow bulleted list with annotated photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions
    • New and improved photographs better illustrate technique execution
    • Dictionary of annotations for techniques described
    • Home exercises and taping techniques also included
    • An eBook included in all print purchases
    • All techniques comprehensively revised to align with current evidence-based practice
    • 13 New Mulligan techniques
    • An eBook included in all print purchases

    Product details

    • Publisher : Elsevier; 2nd edition (September 12, 2019)
    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 411 pages

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