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General MRI Updates 2018 - A DVD Teaching Activity

  23/01/2018    Viewed : 1402    Price : $200.00

About This CME Teaching Activity This CME teaching activity provided practical, timely, clinical information in MRI imaging. Pertinent lectues are selected so that subscribers receive the most up-to-date clinical information. Tips and techniques are stressed, as well as appropriate patient selection. The faculty members have been chosen for their teaching ability, as well as their expertise in MRI. Target Audience This CME teaching activity is primarily intended and designed to educate diagnostic imaging physicians. It should also be useful in educating referring physicians who order MRI procedures. Educational Objectives At the completion of this CME teaching series, you should be able to: Apply state-of-the-art MRI/MRA techniques to clinical practice. Discuss the expanding role of advanced MR imaging applications. Assess patients with a variety of cardiovascular, breast and abdominal abnormalities using MRI. Develop non-contrast MR angiography protocols.