Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology, 10th edition (PDF Book)

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The 10th edition of Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology has been updated with new drugs and information while retaining its popular features such as color coding, illustrations, and clear explanations of drug mechanisms and underlying pathophysiology. It is recommended for science and medical students, junior doctors, and students in other professional disciplines. The book includes over 150 questions and clinical cases to test knowledge, and an enhanced eBook version with search, customization, and note-taking functions. New chapters cover drugs and the eye, pharmacological management of headaches, and revised information on biopharmaceuticals, antivirals, and general principles of antimicrobial therapy. The book also has expanded chapters on dementia and analgesic drugs, and recent advances in oxygen sensing and response to reduced oxygen tension. The eBook has 872 pages and the ISBN is 978-0323873956.