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Medical Ebook


Green Polymer Chemistry: New Products, Processes, and Applications Volume 3 (ACS Symposium Series)

by H. N. Cheng (Editor), Richard A. Gross (Editor), Patrick B. Smith (Editor)


Multiphase Environmental Chemistry in the Atmosphere (ACS Symposium Series)

by Sergey A. Nizkorodov (Editor), Sherri W. Hunt (Editor), Alexander Laskin (Editor)


Advances in the Biorational Control of Medical and Veterinary Pests (ACS Symposium Series) Illustrated Edition

by Edmund J. Norris (Editor), Joel R. Coats (Editor), Aaron D. Gross (Editor), John M. Clark (Editor)


Roles of Natural Products for Biorational Pesticides in Agricultuure (ACS Symposium Series)

by John J. Beck (Editor), Caitlin C Rering (Editor), Stephen O. Duke (Editor)


Best Practices for Chemistry REU Programs (ACS Symposium Series)

by Mark A. Griep (Editor), Linette M. Watkins (Editor)


Eye Tracking for the Chemistry Education Researcher (ACS Symposium Series) Illustrated Edition

by Jessica R. VandenPlas (Editor), Sarah J. R. Hansen (Editor), Steven Cullipher (Editor)


Gels and Other Soft Amorphous Solids (ACS Symposium Series)

by Ferenc Horkay (Editor), Jack F. Douglas (Editor), Emanuela Del Gado (Editor)


Recent Progress in Separation of Macromolecules and Particulates (ACS Symposium Series)

by Yongmei Wang (Editor), Wei Gao (Editor), X. Michael Liu (Editor), Sara Orski (Editor)


Responsible Conduct in Chemistry Research and Practice: Global Perspectives (ACS Symposium Series) Illustrated Edition

by Ellene Tratras Contis (Editor), Dorothy J. Phillips (Editor), Allison A. Campbell (Editor), Bradley D. Miller (Editor), Lori Brown (Editor)


Advances in Plant Phenolics: From Chemistry to Human Health (ACS Symposium Series)

by Guddadarangavvanahally K. Jayaprakasha (Editor), Bhimangouda S. Patil (Editor), Giuseppe Gattuso (Editor)


Developing Online Courses in Nursing Education, Fourth Edition

by Carol O'Neil PhD RN CNE (Author), Cheryl Fisher EdD RN-BC (Author), & 1 more


Pain-Free Writing for Nurses: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Dr. Joseph Perazzo PhD RN (Author), Robert Topp PhD RN (Author)