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Imaging Mastery Series: Adult Glioma Imaging 2021

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    Imaging Mastery Series: Adult Glioma Imaging 2021

    Dr. Rajan Jain teaches a comprehensive course on Adult Glioma Imaging.

    Dr. Rajan Jain takes an in-depth look at Adult Glioma Imaging, allowing viewers to learn through short didactic lectures, and case-based discussions on glioma imaging.

    After completing this course, you will be better able to:

    •       Apply appropriate search patterns to ensure high quality case assessment
    •       Identify key anatomical landmarks, variations, and abnormalities on imaging
    •       Accurately interpret advanced imaging cases
    •       Formulate definitive diagnoses and limited differentials


    Introduction to Adult Glioma Imaging
    WHO Glioma Classification Update and Important Genetic Markers
    Primary IDH Wild Type Glioma
    IDH Wild Type Gliomas
    IDH Mutant Gliomas
    IDH Mutant Oligodendroglioma, Grade 2
    Grade 3 Oligodendroglioma
    BRAF and H3K27 Gliomas
    H3K27 Glioma
    T2 FLAIR Mismatch Sign
    T2 FLAIR Mismatch Sign, Astrocytoma – 31 y/o Female
    T2 FLAIR Mismatch Sign, Astrocytoma – 28 y/o Male
    IDH Mutant Astrocytoma, No Mismatch Sign
    Approach to Intra Axial Tumors: Tumor Mimics, Non Neo-plastic Lesions

    Content reviewed: June 21, 2021

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