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Genitourinary Pathology: Practical Advances 2015th Edition

by Cristina Magi-Galluzzi (Editor), Christopher G. Przybycin (Editor)


Genitourinary Radiology Sixth Edition

by N. Reed Dunnick MD (Author), Jeffrey H. Newhouse MD (Author), Richard H. Cohan MD (Author), Katherine E. Maturen MD (Author)


Radiology Case Review Series: Genitourinary Imaging 1st Edition

by Prasanna R. G. Kumar (Author), Arnold C. Friedman (Author), Tarun Pandey (Author)


MRI Manual of Pelvic Cancer

by Soo Mak (Editor), Paul A. Hulse (Editor), B M Carrington (Editor)


Genitourinary Imaging: A Core Review First Edition

by Matthew S. Davenport MD (Author)


Textbook of Uroradiology, 5th ed

Reed Dunnick (Author) Carl Sandler (Author) Jeffrey Newhouse (Author)


Imaging and Technology in Urology: Principles and Clinical Applications

by Steve Payne (Editor), Ian Eardley (Editor), Kieran O'Flynn (Editor)


Ultrasonography in Urology: A Practical Approach to Clinical Problems

by Edward I. Bluth (Author), Carol B. Benson (Author), Philip W. Ralls (Author), Marilyn J. Siegel (Author)


Genitourinary Imaging (Radcase)

by Shailendra Chopra (Author)


Genitourinary Imaging Cases (McGraw-Hill Radiology)

by David Casalino (Author), Frank Miller (Author), Paul Nikolaidis (Author), Nancy Hammond (Author)


Imaging dell'Apparato Urogenitale: Patologia non oncologica (Italian Edition)

by Alfredo Blandino (Editor), Antonio Rotondo (Editor), Francesco Danza (Editor), Ilario Menchi (Editor), Roberto Pozzi Mucelli (Editor)