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Essentials for Health Protection

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by Emily Ying Yang Chan (Author)


    Essentials for Health Protection

    by Emily Ying Yang Chan (Author)

    The aim of health protection is to prevent and manage outbreaks of communicable and environmental diseases, and to make us better at responding to emergencies and disasters. This includes working with diseases and injuries from environmental hazard exposures and climate change. Essentials for
    Health Protection: Four Key Components is a guide to the reality of the field, and a discussion of how we can improve our present and future.

    Based on public health theories and illustrated by relevant examples, this book is founded on the experience gained from the long-established CCOUC Ethnic Minority Health Project in China. It covers the four key areas identified by the Commonwealth Secretariat in its 'Health Protection Policy
    Toolkit'; climate change adaptation and mitigation, communicable disease control, emergency preparedness, and environmental health. With the aim to strengthen regional, subnational, national and global health protection, it also looks at health impact assessment in these areas.

    Discussing the health protection spectrum from mitigation, interventions and response, this book is a current and comprehensive guide to the field. Looking forwards, it discusses the latest controversies and dynamics and how they might change the reality of health protection practices and

    Essentials for Health Protection: Four Key Components is the ideal introductory to intermediate level textbook and reference book for healthcare professionals, fieldworkers, volunteers and students who are interested in promoting health and emergency and disaster risk reduction.

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    • Publisher : Oxford University Press (February 20, 2020)
    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 280 pages


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