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Alphaherpesviruses: Molecular Biology, Host Interactions and Control

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by Ekaterina E Heldwein (Editor), Gregory A Smith (Editor)


    Alphaherpesviruses: Molecular Biology, Host Interactions and Control

    by Ekaterina E Heldwein (Editor), Gregory A Smith (Editor)

    Our understanding of the alphaherpesviruses has significantly advanced creating the need for this new book that distils the most important new information to provide a timely overview. Chapters are written by well-respected researchers, each offering their perspectives on the current state of the field, using herpes simplex virus as the main focus. Topics covered include: genomics; entry into the cell; genome delivery from the cell periphery to the nucleus; the fate of the genome in the nucleus; infection of neurons; establishment of latency; host cellular responses to infection; viral immune evasion strategies; capsid egress from the nucleus; virion assembly in the cytoplasm; vaccines; oncolytic vectors. This book is essential reading for students, virologists, immunologists, medical and veterinary professionals and scientists working on neuroinvasive alphaherpesviruses. It is also a recommended reading for anyone with an interest in neurovirology and persistent viral infections.

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    • Publisher : Caister Academic Press Limited (July 24, 2020)
    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 640 pages


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