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Ultrasound Evaluation of Shoulder Pathology

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    Ultrasound Evaluation of Shoulder Pathology


    • Rotator cuff tears, abnormalities
    • Pathogenesis
    • Supraspinatus and insertion partial thickness tears
    • Articular partial-thickness tears
    • Bursal partial-thickness tears
    • Large full-thickness tears,
    • Massive full-thickness tears
    • Intrasubstance tears
    • Tendinosis
    • Fatty infiltration and muscle atrophy
    • Tendon volume loss
    • Joint and bursal effusions
    • Secondary findings of rotator cuff tears
    • Pitfalls in rotator cuff sonography
    • Other miscellaneous cuff pathology



    Upon completion of this enduring material, you should be able to accomplish the following:

    • Increase the participant's knowledge to better perform and/or interpret MSK ultrasound examinations
    • Recognize ultrasound characteristics associated with commonly seen shoulder pathology
    • Apply diagnostic criteria to evaluate shoulder pathology using ultrasound techniques
    • Increase confidence to incorporate protocols, techniques & interpretation criteria to improve shoulder diagnostic/treatment accuracy 


    Date of Original Release: 2/23/2016
    This edition valid for credit through: 2/23/2019

    Video Length: 1:11:00

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