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UCLA Review of Clinical Neurology 2017-Videos+PDFs

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    UCLA Review of Clinical Neurology 2017-Videos+PDFs


    David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Clinical Update

    This comprehensive review utilizes case-based lectures to help participants strengthen their proficiency in diagnosing and treating core disease states in neurology.

    A Comprehensive Review of Clinical Neurology

    UCLA Review of Clinical Neurology reviews the basic concepts and recent advances in neurology. With case-based discussions, this course covers a broad range of topics — including stroke and vascular neurology, mechanisms of brain repair, movement disorders, and more — to help you better:

    • Outline evidence-based treatment options based on recent publications of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Practice Guidelines
    • Present “three new things” focusing on the latest developments in the clinical domain
    • Attain the latest knowledge on disease mechanisms, diagnostic tools, treatment options, etc.
    • Evaluate complementary and alternative medicine for specific neurological conditions


    • Mechanisms of Brain Repair – S. Thomas Carmichael, MD, PhD
    • Traumatic Brain Injury – Meeryo Choe, MD
    • Cases in Stroke & Vascular Neurology – Neal Rao, MD
    • Cases in Neuroradiology – J. Pablo Villablanca, MD
    • Cases in Neuromuscular Disorders: Practical Approaches – Perry Shieh, MD, PhD
    • Treatments for Genetic Neuromuscular Diseases – Perry Shieh, MD, PhD
    • Cases in Neuro-Ophthalmology – Mark Morrow, MD
    • Movement Disorders Cases – Indu Subramanian, MD
    • Challenging Cases in Neuroethics – Neil Wenger, MD
    • The Patient with Refractory Seizures: Drugs, Surgery and Neurostimulation – Chris DeGiorgio, MD
    • CNS Infections in the United States from AIDS to Zika – Elyse Singer, MD
    • Approach to the Patient with Spinal Cord Injuries – David N. Alexander, MD
    • Cases in Neurocritical Care – Navaz Karanjia, MD
    • The Interface Between Neurology and Medicine – Lucas Restrepo, MD, PhD
    • Goodnight to Insomnia, What Neurologists Need to Know – Alon Y. Avidan, MD, MPH
    • Hospital Neurology – Jeremy Cholfin, MD, PhD
    • Practical Cases in Neurogenetics – Brent Fogel, MD, PhD
    • Approach to the Dizzy Patient – Robert Baloh, MD
    • Assessment and Care of the Patient with Memory Complaints – Verna Porter, MD
    • Approach to the Patient with Refractory Headaches – Alan Rapoport, MD
    • Psychopharmacology for the Neurologist – Timothy Fong, MD
    • Pediatric Neurology for the Adult Neurologist – Shaun Hussain, MD
    • Case-Based Approach to Neurologic Pain Syndromes – Michael Ferrante, MD

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