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OMSKU V- Microneurosurgery

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    OMSKU V- Microneurosurgery

    Upon completion of this activity, the learner should be able to:

    1.To familiarize the reader with different grafting techniques for reconstruction of the injured trigeminal nerve
    2.To understand the diagnosis. prevention and the protocol for management of nerve injuries from dental implants.
    3.Learn to evaluate a patient with trigeminal nerve injury
    4.Understand the basic concepts of microsurgical nerve repair
    5.Understand how nerve injuries can happen from third molar surgery
    6.Understand the peripheral nerve response to injury.

    Items Included in the Purchase of this Course
    Section: 1 SCORM 
    Update on Grafting for the Peripheral Trigeminal Nerve 
    Section: 1 Presentation 
    Management of Mandibular Nerve Injuries From Dental Implants 
    Section: 1 Presentation 
    Microsurgical Repair of the Peripheral Trigeminal Nerve 
    Section: 1 Presentation 
    Evaluation of Peripheral Trigeminal Nerve Injuries 
    Section: 1 Presentation 
    Nerve Injuries From Mandibular Third Molars 
    Section: 1 Presentation 
    The Peripheral Nerve Response to Injury 
    Section: 1 Presentation 
    Microneurosurgery Feedback, Assessment and Certificate 
    Section: 1 Assessment 1 Certificate 1 Survey 

    Product details:
    Series: OMS Knowledge Update (OMSKU V ) 
    Publisher:  2017
    Language: English

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