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OMSKU V- Dental Implants

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    OMSKU V- Dental Implants

    Upon completion of this activity, the learner should be able to:

    1. Describe the principles of osseointegration and implant supported prosthetic rehabilitation.
    2. Apply techniques for bone graft augmentation of the maxilla and mandible to facilitate implant placement and osseointegration.
    3. Discuss bone graft substitutes, proteins and cell therapy.
    4. Recognize the esthetic issues involved with implant supported prosthetic rehabilitation in the anterior maxillary arch.
    5. Discuss computer aided implant surgery.
    6. Describe the preoperative findings that are critical to treatment planning the full arch maxillary prosthesis selection.
    7. Identify the methods to evaluate the patient including the use of digital methods.
    8. Discuss the importance of fabricating a hygienic full arch restoration for patients.
    9. Name the important steps to achieve success when providing dental implant therapy, to include medical and dental history, clinical examination, study models and advanced imaging.
    10. Summarize the early history of implant therapy.

    Items Included in the Purchase of this Course

    A Short History of Dental Implants 
    Section: 1 SCORM 

    Esthetic Implant Site Development Guided Bone Regeneration 
    Section: 2 Presentations 

    Implant Site Evaluation 
    Section: 1 SCORM 

    Treatment of the Edentulated Maxilla With Implants: A Decision Tree Based on the Physical Examination 
    Section: 1 Presentation 1 SCORM 

    The Anterior Maxilla: Techniques for Vertical and Horizontal Bone Augmentation 
    Section: 3 Presentations 

    Barrier and Membrane Therapy in Implant Treatment; What are the Issues? 
    Section: 2 Presentations 

    Ridge Expansion 
    Section: 2 Presentations 

    When and Why to Consider Zygoma Implant 
    Section: 1 Presentation 

    Dental Implants Feedback, Assessment and Certificate 
    Section: 1 Assessment 1 Certificate 1 Survey 

    Product details:
    Series: OMS Knowledge Update (OMSKU V ) 
    Publisher:  2017
    Language: English

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