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Doppler and Color Fundamentals: Vascular Ultrasound

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    Doppler and Color Fundamentals: Vascular Ultrasound


    • Doppler principles/Doppler equation         
    • Doppler interrogation angle
    • Doppler instrumentation: pulsed wave, continuous wave, Color Doppler, Power Doppler
    • Doppler artifacts       
    • Optimization of Doppler/Color Controls
    • Color assignment      
    • Power Doppler indications and applications


    Upon completion of this enduring material, you should be able to accomplish the following:

    • Apply Doppler physics principles and cite the factors affecting the qualitative and quantitative assessment of blood flow
    • Optimize system controls for accurate blood flow evaluation using spectral and color Doppler instrumentation
    • List the advantages and disadvantages of pulsed wave and continuous wave Doppler instrumentation
    • State the specific clinical applications for spectral, color and power Doppler instrumentation.
    • Identify commonly seen artifacts associated with spectral Doppler, Color Doppler and Power Doppler techniques and ins
    • trumentation


    Date of Original Release: 9/10/2015
    This edition valid for credit through: 9/10/2018

    Video Length: 1:34:00

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